College Infrastructure

Sr. No. Particulars Available Area
1Administrative wing300
2Total Area of Lecturer Halls800
3Auditorium/Seminar Hall/Exam hall305
4Central Library201
5Teaching Pharmacy & Quality Testing Laboratory214
6Common Rooms: Separate for boys and girls105
Total Common Area2030
Sr. No. Particulars Available Area
1Ayurved Samhita & Siddhant101
2Rachana Sharir251
3Kriya Sharir161
4Dravyaguna Vigyana251
5Rasa Shastra & Bhaisajya Kalpana160
6Rog Nidan avum Vikriti Vigyan160
7Swasthavritta & Yoga151
8Agad Tantra avum Vidhi Vaidyaka104
11Shalyatantra + (Ksharsutra Lab.)15
12Shalakya Tantra160
13Prasuti & Stri Roga105
14Kaumarbhritya-Bala Roga76
Total Teaching Departments Area1981
Total Constructed Area :4011
No. of Lecture Halls :5
Sr. No. Details Available Area
2Modern Medicine and Related Books1420
3Medical Journals126
5Total Number Of Books7506
Number Of Seats Available In Library Reading Room :80
Number Of Computers With Internet Facility2
Sr. No. Name of the Department Status
Is sports and games Facility available? :Yes
1What is the total area of the Herbal Garden (in :4050
2What is the total number of species available? :386
3What is the total number of Medicinal plants available? :980
4Is a demonstration Room available?yes
5What is the area (In sq. mtr) of Demonstration Room? :50
6Is irrigation facility available? :yes
7Panchakarma Therapist/ Physicians room
8Panchakarma Store room
9Four attached toilet-baths for males and four for females with wash basin and geyser facility in each. These will be in addition to the tolilet of wards
10Total constructed area in Panchkarma Block (in sq. mtr.)
1Is quality testing laboratory available? :Yes
2Number of medicine's prepared since last visitation :7